Gherkin component for prism code highlighting

26 October 2013   Comments   gherkin bdd prism code-highlighting syntax-highlighting

I previously wrote about prism and it’s C# component.

Now I have added a component to prism for Gherkin syntax. This will help you highlight your BDD features in your webpage/blog.

Here is an example:

Story: Returns go to stock

# some comments
In order to keep track of stock
As a store owner
I want to add items back to stock when they're returned # comments


Scenario Outline: Refunded items should be 'returned to stock'
Given a customer previously bought a black sweater from me
And I currently have three black sweaters left in stock
When he returns the sweater for a refund
Then I should have four black sweaters in stock

Scenario 2: Replaced items should be returned to stock
Given that a customer buys a blue garment
And I have two blue garments in stock
And three black garments in stock.
When he returns the garment for a replacement in black,
Then I should have three blue garments in stock
And two black garments in stock

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